Friday, May 6, 2011

Trendwatch: Clear View

Rimless is so passe. Clear is in and ruling the collections of eyewear designers in sunglass form and most importantly in optical frames. Clear gives you the best of both worlds; frames that are not as noticeable on your face and that still have the cool factor. And another bonus: clear goes with everything. It’s a new neutral that is less harsh than black (which can look stark on those of the fairer persuasion) and edgier looking than the classic tortoise-shell.

Designers have been jumping on the new wave and we’re excited to be carrying a whack-a-load of these hot styles…

Chrome Heart's "Beef Tomato" brings all the sterling silver detail with a clear frame

Dita's "Grandmaster One" is an homage to the classic Cazals
We love it clear with those bold gold details that bring this over-sized frame to the next level

Want a clear frame with more presence? Go smokey.
The Mykita "Otto" combines a smokey finish with industrial design

The hottest clear frame that the ladies have been snappin' up: Salt's "Martin"
This frame's flattering silhouette is stunning in clear

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