Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Knowledge is Power: The La Loop Solution

It’s summer, and with summer comes fabulous sunglasses in all colors and shapes. This is great and all, but with all those wonderful shades and opticals, there comes a time when they need to be taken off or switched and what do you do with them?

Putting them on your head is seriously taboo. It stresses the frame and stretches the fit. If are a consistent offender you are putting the temples (the ‘arms’ of your glasses) at risk of damage and breaking.

Stashing them on the collar of your shirt is an ill-fated move that generally results with them crashing to the floor when you bend over or really move at all.

Pockets are just not a good idea for the obvious reason that they are easily scratched and broken.

Setting them down just anywhere means higher chance of losing them, sitting on them, or having them become your pet’s new favourite chew toy.

And let’s be honest, taking them off and putting them in a case takes time and effort and most of us are lazy.

Well fear not my dear friends! We have the solution at Gafas.

The company La Loop was created in 1999 just for this very reason. No longer do you have to worry about the safety of your glasses or suffer the embarrassment of granny leashes. The hinges on either side of the loop keep your glasses in place and secure. AND they look super cool and can double as jewellery when you’re wearing your frames. Designer Elizabeth Faraut introduces a new collection two times a year, and the line is carried at over 500 stores across 16 countries.

So what are you waiting for? Come on in and get your La Loop solution!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chrome Hearts Sneak Peek: Su Casa

For all you Chrome Hearts junkies out there, we at Gafas are releasing sneak peeks from the latest Chrome Hearts lookbook over the next few weeks. This is a lookbook that you would never see otherwise. Because of the exclusivity of Chrome Hearts, the only way to check it out is to visit one of their stores. Our team visited the Chrome Hearts crew when we were in New York last month, and the boys were kind enough to let us snap some pics of the book for you guys! Yay. This edition of our sneak peek series? Everything you could possibly think of to make your home rock!

Chrome Hearts was established in 1988 by Richard Starck. Originally inspired by a love of motorcycles and a desire to have luxurious riding leathers, the company has grown to encompass jewellery, eyewear, accessories, apparel and furniture. The goal has been and always will be to integrate classic design with the best possible quality. Only the finest materials are chosen to create each piece, and the highest level of craftsmanship is guaranteed. But this brand is not for the weak of heart. The detailing is very bold and the collections are meant for those who can recognize and appreciate the quality craftsmanship put into each and every piece.

Chrome Hearts covers the full spectrum of anything you may need in your life which is why it’s referred to as a life-style brand and also why they make furniture and household accessories for your home. From china to drinking glasses, bathroom linens to bathrobes, doors and cabinets, to sofas and chairs, to picture frames…anything your heart desires is available to rock your space.

All the furniture is handcrafted in exotic woods, only the finest leathers and fabrics are used. Linens are of the most sumptuous and luxurious standards. Crystal is the way to go when it comes to your glass-ware.

We hope you've enjoyed this sneak peek of the Chrome Hearts Spring/Summer 2011 Look Book as much as we did.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Brand Power: Orgreen

Denmark is one of THE places where wearable avant-garde eyewear is being exported from these days. And that only makes sense considering the Danish design aesthetic for both fashion and household items.

One of the hottest brands is Orgreen which was founded in 1997 by Henrik Orgreen, Gregers Fastrup and Tobias Wandrup. The guys took “inspiration from the American classic car era when glamour and functionality played strong roles in design”.

The designers of Orgreen, from left to right:
Tobias, Henrik, and Gregers

The eyewear lines are designed and developed in their headquarters in the heart of Copenhagen. They are individually crafted with more than 100 processes in Japan (the leading craftsmanship destination for eyewear in the world), each frame taking up to 6 months until it is completed. The optical and sunglass lines are crafted from titanium and feature innovative color combinations that utilize over 400 different hues.

Orgreen is available in more than 40 countries around the world, and Gafas is proud to be a retailer of this design-centric line.

Come on by and check out what we have in store in the optical line!

"Lowrider" from the Orgreen Sunwear Collection

"Mercury" is badass in gold

"Provider" and "P56"

"Wasp" and "Hellcat"

Friday, May 27, 2011

Chloe Sevigny + Barton Perriera for Opening Ceremony

A month ago a box from Barton Perreira arrived and in it was....*gasp*...the limited edition collaboration with Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony. We'd ordered it back in the fall, but with such a high demand, they were instantly a back-order item.

The collection features three different style all of which are inspired by Andy Warhol’s superstar Candy Darling. With a 70s vibe, exaggerated, fun shapes and brilliant finishes and craftsmanship it comes as new surprise that these are quickly becoming the IT piece in fashion sunglasses.

The beautiful Candy Darling; eccentric, wild, bold, and utterly fabulous!

And ours are flying off the racks. We only have one of each of the models left. We had more, we promised we had more. If you’ve been musing over whether or not to grab up a pair of these unique frames, do it now ‘cuz they’re not going to be here for much longer. And if that’s not enough heat under your tush to get you running to the shop, I don’t know what is!

The "Darling"

"Jackie" was named for Jackie Curtis, Candy's friend and another one of the Warhol gang


 And for this weekend's movie night, check out the much anticipated and well-done documentary on this tragic beauty. Beautiful Darling was released this year and can be found at film stores like The Film Buff, Suspect Video, and Eyesore Video.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer Music Festival Guide!

It’s that time of year again…the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and music is filling the air at festivals everywhere. Whether you are planning on road-tripping to the States or staying a bit closer to home, nothing says summer time fun like crazy adventures at open air rock festivals. So toss on some fab jeans or cut-off shorts, wellies for those muddy days and some bomb eyewear, and check out some of these cool events…

June 13 – 19: NXNE, Toronto, Ontario

Iggy Pop doin' his thing on-stage with fans at NXNE

This annual festival based off the SXSE event in Texas, is the biggest festival in Ontario. Virgin Fest fell by the way-side with it’s over-commercialization, and Canadian Music Week lacks the publicity needed to make it a contender. With over 635 international, national and local acts at 50 official festival stages, this is a week of good tunes spanning every genre that you DON’T want to miss. Many of the shows are held indoors, but Dundas Square throws some great free events (like the Iggy Pop concert last year) as well as on Centre Island.

The event takes place throughout the city, so the emphasis is effortless, metropolis cool. For guys, flat-top black shades with bad-ass detailing are where it's at. Try the "G-Money" shades from Chrome Hearts...guarenteed to have chicks thinking you ARE the band!

And for the ladies? Focus on classic but unique shapes that will be effortless. Salt's "Caden" is a modern spin on Audrey Hepburne that will have you looking like a super-star.

June 22 – 26: Glastonbury Festival, Vale of Avalon, England

If you’re down for a flight and a roadtrip, don’t miss THE biggest music festival in the world. Glastonbury is turning 41 this year, and is the largest open air music and performing arts festival in the world. Located in the Vale of Avalon, an area steeped in symbolism, mythology and religious traditions, the vibe prevalent throughout the festivities is freedom and a carefree sense of awe. Roll with the mood, don’t show up with preconceived ideas or a schedule, and open yourself up to exploring all the new and fabulous things that this event has to offer.

We are loving hippie-chic frames for the chics...Our number one favorite? The limited edition collection that Barton Perreira collaborated on with Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony. "Candy" is the epitome of effortless cool which is essential at style-savvy Glastonbury.

Glastonbury is all about effortless cool with a rocker edge. Aviators are the way to go. Try Carrera's "Turbo" or Barton Perreira's "Eyston"...

August 5-7: Lollapalooza, Chicago, Illinois

This 20 year-old festival was the brainchild of Perry Farrell and was originally a musical roadshow. Now an annual festival in Chicago, the festival boasts 130 acts from a vast array of different genres (hip-hop, electronica, reggae, indie, rock, modern roots, etc).

Even the name Lollapalooza conjures up candy-coated colors swirling in our minds. We like these "Darling" rainbow bright shades from Barton Perreira's collaboration with Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony. Or for more subdued flavour, opt for Dita's "Holiday".

Aviators are a classic favorite at festivals, but Lollapalooza is similar to NXNE in that it's in the heart of the city. To give your shades a bit more of an urban vibe, the bar detailing on these Entourage of 7 PCH2 frames is exactly what you need to take this classic to the next level.

August 29 – September 5: Burning Man, Black Rock City, Nevada

THIS is THE festival in America. Nothing comes close to matching the epic size and nature of this event which is celebrated by hundreds of thousands of concert-goers across the States and Canada. Located in the stunning desert, this festival has the best of music, art, mutant vehicles, fire breathers, circus performers, performance artists, etcetera. It is a hark-back to the 60s; free love, artistic expression, and damn good music reign. Nudity is also a common sight, so seeing a bunch of folks in their birthday suits is not out of the realm of possibility. Perks: You can get an even tan! Boo yeah!

The number one requisite for sunglasses at Burning Man? They need to be super-durable, comfortable, large for optimal protection from the sun and have kickass lenses to keep your peepers in shape while the rest of you falls apart. The Mykita "Elroy" features super-sturdy hardware and construction, and is of course polarized. Maui Jim's "Pau Hana" features the company's standard and outstanding lenses; polarized, high contrast so you'll see the festival in all it's colorful glory, and mirrored to prevent squinting. They're also very durable as the line originally catered to the sports crowd and has carried their hardy construction to even their most fashionable frames.

September 21-25: POP, Montreal, Quebec
This festival features art, music, film, conferences and workshops profiling Canadian, local and international talents. The tunes span over many genres and many of the events are kid-friendly (and there’s even some special goings-on just for the munchkins).It’s the biggest music festival in Quebec and definitely a unique and fun experience. With it’s close proximity to Toronto, this is an easy fest to make it over too, and you’ll get to feel like you’re a bit farther from home with that unique vibe that is the signature of Montreal!

Montreal is known for it's fashion-forward presence in Canada as well as it's quirky nature. For this festival, you need something a little bit different. The Benjamin "Graham" sunglasses are totally gangsta'; brushed metal front and tortoise temples give this a distinctive feel. Gals should try Initium's "Disco", a VERY unique shape, super-sized to hide those tired eyes after a long night out, and uber cool.

So what festivals will you hit up and what are you going to wear? Let us know on our facebook fan page.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gafas Hearts You!

Everyone knows that Gafas has a sick selection of frames; fantastic brands like Chrome Hearts, Dita, Gold & Wood, Blinde, Barton Perreira, and soooo many more. We have about 2000 frames in stock and that my friends can be a wee bit overwhelming which is why Gafas is outstanding with our customer service.

Finding a perfect frame is a tedious and long process, but Gafas’ staff are dedicated to helping you find a product that fits your style and budget. We provide one-on-one service where we take into consideration what you are looking for in the way of frame style, what suits your features and life the best, and what will work best with your prescription. Seeing a client walk out the door with a smile on their face and a skip in their step is the best reward that we can think of.

Meet the Gafas Staffers....

Anna and Olivia

Tony wearing his kick-ass "Conrad"  frames by Salt

Tony is the MACHINE! 'Nuff said. He is the team-leader and bomb-ass stylist here at Gafas, so basically without him we can't function. It'd be like losing an arm or something.

Tony strollin' into Gafas wearing his bomb Chrome Hearts "Midnight Dip"

Olivia is the Gafas optician and Macgyver. This gal can make miracles happen with frame repair and refurbishment. When you're looking for optical lenses, this is the gal you talk to about what will work best for you!

Olivia is wearing the Dita Grandmaster Three (L) and her fave pair of Orgreens

Anna is the style maven and social media savante around Gafas. She's been working in fashion for years (both as a stylist and as a hairstylist) and is here to bring her knowledge of what looks good to you. Her favorite customer service quality is...honesty.

Anna is rockin' the Dita "Verve"

And to show how much we love you guys, Gafas has some special stuff in the works...some very cool, special stuff. Stay tuned and get excited!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Closed for Victoria Day

We here at Gafas hope you have been enjoying your long weekend. In honor of Victoria Day, we will be closed tomorrow, Monday May 23. Our regular hours will resume again on Tuesday.