Friday, May 20, 2011

Brand Power: Dita

In the beginning…
Life-long pals Jeff Solorio and John Juniper united their love of photography and design to create the hottest brand in eyewear…Dita. The first collection was released in 1996 with it’s unique and stylish eyewear inspired by vintage frames from the 50s through to the 80s. Each piece was given a current edge using modern materials and shapes that didn’t sacrifice the timelessness of the frame.

…and years went by…
The company has come a long way from it’s humble roots. They’ve gained international acclaim and boast a list of celebrity followers (Brad Pitt, Penelope Cruz, Kate Hudson, the Kardashian girls, and Lenny Kravitz are all fans) that have put Dita on the map as one of THE hottest eyewear designers in the industry.
The design studio and world headquarters are located in Los Angeles, but in recent years they have expanded their empire to Asia with the help of Tommy O’Gara. Tommy joined the team in 2000 as Designer/Creative Director in Japan and maintains the Dita Logistics Centre near Tokyo. He has also been instrumental in coordinating successful  collaborations with Japan’s most talented designers: Undercover, Roen, Hysteric Glamour, Visvim and Neighborhood.
The company has always had the intention of being an alternative to brand name eyewear labels, which is why their logos are soooo subtle. They also have made the decision to remain an exclusive brand by avoiding extensive ad campaigns, celebrity endorsements or sales to mass merchants.

…What makes a Dita frame soooo great …
The construction of Dita’s frames is out of this world. Each piece is hand-crafted in Japan using only the finest, most high quality materials; titanium, 18K gold, white gold and the finest Japanese zyl acetates. Each piece is inspected at the LA studio to ensure that the highest level of quality has been achieved.
The optical line, which was launched in 2007, features custom designed titanium components and hardware with unique hex screws which have modernized the traditional rivet frame construction.

The Optical Line:

The Grandmaster Two is a nod to the eponymous Cazals which became popular in the 80s with the Hip Hop community

The Insider is hot in smokey grey!

The Statesman is a fantastic twist on an old classic. This isn't your grandpa's frame!

Meow, kitty cat! This "Svelte" retro cat eye get's a super modern spin in clear with 18K gold detailing

Art Deco takes this metal frame (The Avalon) out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary

The Sunwear Line:

The Charger takes eye protection and crazy detailing to the next level

Oversize in stripey-white, the Opus gives the oversize shade a summer edge

We can't stop lusting over the floating lens detail on the Midnight Special

The Corsica brings a modern spin to a classic style with a grey and black swirl finish

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