Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday MC Hammer!

MC Hammer, it's you're birthday today, hip hip hooray! We dedicate this blog to you and just want to say how much we adore your wicked styles! Not only did The Hammer make some d*mn good music, he set some d*mn fine fashion trends like the Hammer pants which have made a huge come-back in fashion, and those glasses? We say they are timeless and kickin'. You just can't touch that dude's style! But you can snag some eyewear that the man himself would be proud to own. Whether you're a chick or a bloke, these styles will have you lookin' oh-so-cool all year round.

From left to right: Initium "Vunderground", Blinde "I Want Candy", Mykita "Audrey"

And if you didn't know, now you know.... Gafas has an in-shop shop. Kings of Past is a purveyor of vintage frames and we have some peices on display. To see the whole collection, check out the website:

Dunhill 6011

Luomo 24/S

Neostyle 430/S

Friday, March 25, 2011

Brand Power: La Font Paris

Spring is here and the warm weather will be soon too! And what better style to sport this season than the 1950s inspired shades which are perfect for going from a picnic, to the office, to a cocktail party. We are loving how fun the frames from La Font are for women of all ages and lifestyles. Frames range from conservative to outrageous shapes, over-the-top colors and prints to more subdued selections.

The leopard print featured on many of La Font's frames is actually a design that is copyrighted by the company, which means no other eye wear manufacturer will have a pattern as fierce as this!

The brand was originally established in 1923 by Louis Lafont and has evolved throughout the years. The company always ensures that designs are fresh and unique, while still echoing the classic styles of days gone past.

The re-edition collection from La Font features re-releases of the company's most classic designs...with a modern spin of course.

Go round with the "Theoreme" or channel the 50s with these "Desiree" frames

For a more masculine and modern take on vintage, go for Buddy Holly inspired frames:
Go classic with the "Ciceron" or do a modern clear front with "Tibere"

The Issy & La Collection is geared to younger wearers who want something fun that sets them apart.

The "Demy" features titanium sides with a '60s mod pattern

A classic late 50s/early 60s style with "Fizz" or try a bold statement color with "Enzo"

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Time Warp: 1950s

The 1950s were an era of neighbors who said "hello", TV-perfect families, cocktail hour, and some damn fine dressing. With all the chaos in our world, harkening back to a time when life was slower, simpler and people dressed up for dinner seems like a fine idea.

Mad Men - television's hottest show

The world of fashion and film have been paying homage to this innocent time for the past few years and show no signs of stopping. TV shows like Mad Men have created crazed fan-bases, burlesque has come back into the spotlight world-wide with legends like Jo Boobs, Dirty Martini, Dita Von Teese and Gentry De Paris shimmyin' and shakin' on the world stage.

The runways are covered with vintage-inspired garments that will make every man feel like Don Draper and bring that coquettish vixen out in the ladies. In ladies wear, Dior was one of many designers who drew inspiration from the era and pin-up bombshells. Key peices to snatch up are pin-up dresses (maxi or mini), rompers/play suits, and high-waisted wide-leg trousers. Menswear musts are the iconic perfect suit, cardigans, and Oxford shoes.

And eyewear? Well, there are plenty of vintage-lookin' frames in every designer's collections which are sure to suit your fancy.

We heart Buddy Holly and Marilyn Monroe's frame styles

Whether your're going for a Buddy Holly look with oversized black frames or want to steal Marilyn Monroe's style from How To Marry a Millionaire, Gafas has you covered. We have a wide range of both optical and sunglass frames to choose from.

For the ladies, we are loving the cat-eyed styles which have flooded the store in a myriad of finishes...

Add a pop of red (matching lipstick optional) like Barton Perreira's "Kelley" frames.

La Font Reeditions are re-released styles from their original collections. Get a little wild with some cheetah print, perhaps with the " Constance" frame.

Hot LA label Dita is on the vintage action with "Svelte".

Go for a spin on the traditional tortoise-shell with Salt's "Annabel".

Or do it up in the sun with retro-lovely shades.....

Creamy goodness with yet another great frame from Barton Perreira's collection, the "Nicole".

Pastels rule and are WAY more interesting than a neutral. Grab up Barton Perreira's "Spellbound".

Buddy Holly made the over-sized frame his iconic look and men everywhere are bringing back the nerdy-sexy with horn-rims and thick frames...

The Dita "Statesmen" goes quickly, so run over and get it now before it's too late.\

Initium's "In Dreams" features glossy, wood-look temples

"Sexy nerdy, please be here to stay. I rather fancy you" says Anna at Gafas. Loving these Mykita "Hermann" frames.

Instead of rimless, go clear! An instant update and a huge trend in eyewear. Spectacle Eyework's "Anisa" is a great choice.

When you need to protect those pretty peepers from the UV rays, go for a classic aviator a la James Dean...

You can't go wrong with this classic. Salt's "Lester".

Make everyone green with envy over these "Brasco" frames from Barton Perreira

Whether or not you commit to a full 1950s look, injecting a shot of this retro trend will liven up your style with a fun twist. And don't forget, mixing eras is where it's at!

Rest In Peace

Liz Taylor telling the Papparazzi just what she thinks of them...all while looking great in her cat-eyed shades. We love her take-no-bull attitude!

In remembrance of a very great lady who entered the spotlight in the 50s, we salute Elizabeth Taylor. A beautiful, witty, powerful, strong woman who passed on yesterday, March 23. We send our condolences to her family, friends, and those whose lives have been touched by her.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Brand Power: Maui Jim

Maui Jim's are the cream of the crop when it comes to prescription sunglasses and for durable shades for all you active cats who love sports. Their shades are extremely comfortable and they make their own lenses which offer the best quality of polarization for both optical and regular lenses.

The company was started in 1980 on the beaches of Lahaina, Hawaii. The brand's aim was to fill the need for technology that could combat intense glare and the harmful effect of UV rays while still retaining the contrast needed to see the beautiful Hawaii landscape in all it's brilliance.

Maui Jim engineered the PolarizedPlus lens which has revolutionized the optical industry and the technology used to create sunglass lenses. The lenses are optically correct and distortion-free featuring patented lens technology or rare earth elements to infuse your world with color. With a wide field of view, outstanding acuity from edge to edge and a digital lens surfacing which ensures optical perfection, these are the best sunglass lenses on the market.
  • 100% UV blockage
  • Blue light and infrared effective
  • Polarized - eliminates glare from flat, shiny or smooth surfaces
  • Bi-Gradient Mirroring - protects against glare from above and below
  • Anti-Reflective Treatment - blocks reflected light and glare which eliminates eye fatigue
  • Water-Proof and Oleophobic Coating - water-proof and repels grease so that smudges and finger prints are easier to remove
  • Clearshell Scratch-Resistant Coating - for added durability

Hamoa Beach - Matte Black

For the lighting conditions:
  • Neutral Grey - highest available light reduction for bright sunlight
  • HCL Bronze - excellent contrast for everyday variable conditions
  • Maui Rose - highest contrast available for everyday variable conditions
  • Maui HT - high transmission for times when most lenses would be too dark; more contrast and color for early morning, late afternoon and foggy days

For the action:

  • Maui Evolution - extremely light-weight, scratch and impact resistant, high-performance optics
  • Polycarbonate - lightest choice for long days in the sun
  • Super Thin (ST) Glass - when clarity is the priority, 20% thinner than standard laminated glass lenses for long-wearing comfort
These shades don't just make Hawaii come to life. See the world wherever you are the way that it was meant to be seen, with heightened brilliance. Come on by to grab up a pair of these superior sunglasses.

Dawn Patrol

Manele Bay

Rainbow Falls

Maui Cat


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lens 101: The Sunglass Edition

Did you know?

Not all contact lens brands offer UV protection which means that your eyes are being exposed to harmful rays which can cause serious medical and vision problems.

And just because we commonly associate sunshine with the warmer season, you are at risk all year round. UV rays can cause cataracts, pteryguim (tissue growth on the whites of the eyes that can block vision), melanoma (yes, eye tissue can get skin cancer), macular degeneration (the muscles at the centre of the retina).

So how can you protect yourself? Make sure that your eyes are protected with sunglasses. For those with prescriptions, there are many options that will work for your needs.

Maui Jim "Punchbowl"

Many of our selection of glasses are suitable for those with optical prescriptions. Depending on how severe your prescription is, there are many styles that we would be glad to recommend for you. Frames that do not work well with prescription lenses are those that have serious curve in the shape of the glasses (like many sports styles), and some super-oversized frames.

If you want to eliminate glare, polarized lenses are the way to go. Polarized lenses can be obtained in your prescription for any style of sunglasses that will work with your prescription.

Benjamin "Kayne"
Transition lenses have come a long way from the days when it meant a film covering the lens. With the advancements in optical technology, transition engineered lenses are now a superb option for the optically challenged. They quickly adapt to the lighting conditions when activated by UV rays, so if it's a cloudy day (and those UV rays are still lurking about on rainy days too folks) the lenses won't go as dark. The only down-side to this option is that when you are driving a vehicle, the lenses won't change as most windshields have UV protection blocking the rays from activating your glasses.

So gear up for summer and come in and nab some wicked shades here at Gafas!

Initium "Hardways"

Initium "In Dreams"

Salt "Warner"

Monday, March 14, 2011

Brand Power: Gold & Wood

The luxury eyewear company Gold & Wood was started by Maurice Leonard in 1995, and the product created at that time was exclusively all-wood or wood and silk. Based and manufactured in Luxembourg, Germany, the company has come a long way from it's early days when the workshop had only ten artists. In 1996, the company began making metal fronts using wood for the temples. In 2000 they began using genuine Buffalo Horn in a variety of combinations, and in 2006 the brand came to North America. 

Anthony Kiedis in model H16

Designed with comfort, luxury, elegance and purity in mind, this label is the Bentley of the eyewear world. 

Each frame is entirely hand-crafted with traditional artistry in the company's workshop, and inspected in each stage of production to ensure that each piece is of the finest quality. The temples are made using materials such as Fine-wood or authentic Buffalo Horn, and the metal parts are made from high-quality alloys.


In addition to creating the finest quality of eyewear, Gold & Wood is an environmentally sustainable company. 

The horn is taken from either animals in Africa or Vietnam that are bound for the butcher's shop, or from domesticated animals in India. The cows in India are a sacred animal, so no mutilation or cruelty are employed in the taking of their horns and a certificate of the animal's health must be provided to the company. 

The raw wood is taken from a controlled provenance where systematic reforestation is in effect and monitored by the authorities. The supplier's facilities are equipped with used-water filtration and purification systems, and the dyes used for staining are environmentally-friendly.


The company has been certified by Luxembourg's Ministry for the Environment which is represented by the Environment Directorate and the Chamber of Professionals. 

Here's a teaser of what's in store....