Saturday, May 14, 2011

Trend Watch: Mono-loco

The hottest trend in eyewear for this Spring/Summer season are monocle-inspired frames reminiscent of days of yore, and an echo of the iconic style of John Lennon. Whether you’re a guy or a gal, this is a statement that fashionistas across the map are snappin’ up.

The monocle craze started in the UK in late 2009, and has finally reached it’s way to the shores of North America. Celebrities like Johnny Depp and Bono are fans, and the infamous, fictional Harry Potter has been in on the geek chic trend for years.

Harry Potter was on the front of the new wave of monocle inspired frames
We realize that this cat is not Harry Potter, but you must agree that this is the ultimate cuteness and kitty is definitely rockin' this trend

These tiny round frames are fresh and fun, and instantly raise your IQ (visually at any rate). We have LOADS of round frames in both the optical and sunglass persuasions for you to peruse and fall in love with…

Go light on the bottom for a gentler take on the trend
Barton Perreira "Ridley" (L)
Salt "Nolan" (R)

Go bold with Dita's "New Yorker"

Perfectly round...
Gold & Wood B07 5 (L)
Mykita "Johann" (R)

...Oh so perfectly round
Tom Ford's "Bachardy"

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