Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gafas Hearts You!

Everyone knows that Gafas has a sick selection of frames; fantastic brands like Chrome Hearts, Dita, Gold & Wood, Blinde, Barton Perreira, and soooo many more. We have about 2000 frames in stock and that my friends can be a wee bit overwhelming which is why Gafas is outstanding with our customer service.

Finding a perfect frame is a tedious and long process, but Gafas’ staff are dedicated to helping you find a product that fits your style and budget. We provide one-on-one service where we take into consideration what you are looking for in the way of frame style, what suits your features and life the best, and what will work best with your prescription. Seeing a client walk out the door with a smile on their face and a skip in their step is the best reward that we can think of.

Meet the Gafas Staffers....

Anna and Olivia

Tony wearing his kick-ass "Conrad"  frames by Salt

Tony is the MACHINE! 'Nuff said. He is the team-leader and bomb-ass stylist here at Gafas, so basically without him we can't function. It'd be like losing an arm or something.

Tony strollin' into Gafas wearing his bomb Chrome Hearts "Midnight Dip"

Olivia is the Gafas optician and Macgyver. This gal can make miracles happen with frame repair and refurbishment. When you're looking for optical lenses, this is the gal you talk to about what will work best for you!

Olivia is wearing the Dita Grandmaster Three (L) and her fave pair of Orgreens

Anna is the style maven and social media savante around Gafas. She's been working in fashion for years (both as a stylist and as a hairstylist) and is here to bring her knowledge of what looks good to you. Her favorite customer service quality is...honesty.

Anna is rockin' the Dita "Verve"

And to show how much we love you guys, Gafas has some special stuff in the works...some very cool, special stuff. Stay tuned and get excited!

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