Friday, May 13, 2011

Chrome Hearts Sneak Peek: Go Big or Go Home!

For all you Chrome Hearts junkies out there, we at Gafas are releasing sneak peeks from the latest Chrome Hearts lookbook over the next few weeks. This is a lookbook that you would never see otherwise. Because of the exlclusivity of Chrome Hearts, the only way to check it out is to visit one of their stores. Our team visited the Chrome Hearts crew when we were in New York last month, and the boys were kind enough to let us snap some pics of the book for you guys! Yay. Today is belt buckles and where they are concerned, bigger is always better and Chrome Hearts brings it!

This kickass Sterling Silver gothic cross belt buckle with leather belt perfectly melds with the gothic cross and fleur de lis detailing on the leather pants. Also note the crazy detailing on the buttons of these pants. Now THAT'S attention to detail.

Chrome Hearts was established in 1988 by Richard Starck. Originally inspired by a love of motorcycles and a desire to have luxurious riding leathers, the company has grown to encompass jewellery, eyewear, accessories, apparel and furniture. The goal has been and always will be to integrate classic design with the best possible quality. Only the finest materials are chosen to create each piece, and the highest level of craftsmanship is guaranteed. But this brand is not for the weak of heart. The detailing is very bold and the collections are meant for those who can recognize and appreciate the quality craftsmanship put into each and every piece.

Chrome Hearts fan Karl Lagerfield:
Customized Chrome Hearts blazer, note the leather cuffs, precious metals and stones on the lapels.
Chain mail necklace, chain mail bracelets on each wrist, Chrome Hearts rings.
Star and intricate carving detail make this belt buckle a super-star.
Customized Chrome Hearts tie 

The bigger the buckle…..Well, we’ll let you finish that sentence. But seriously, Chrome Hearts belts and buckles are to die for. Whether you’re a chick or a dude, these blinged out, hard-to-miss buckles are where it’s at. Each piece is created using only the finest materials; platinum, sterling silver, 22K gold, precious stones, and leather.  

The diamonds on this buckle make it shine where it counts.

From top clockwise:
Precious stones bangle bracelets
Leather belt with precious stone old-school western-style buckle
Gothic cross belt buckle and leather belt with precious stone detailing
Hail Brittania, a titanium and precious stone encrusted bracelet
Fleur de lis bangle bracelet with precious stone edging

Next episode’s hint? Wear you’re heart on your sleeve.

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