Thursday, March 24, 2011

Time Warp: 1950s

The 1950s were an era of neighbors who said "hello", TV-perfect families, cocktail hour, and some damn fine dressing. With all the chaos in our world, harkening back to a time when life was slower, simpler and people dressed up for dinner seems like a fine idea.

Mad Men - television's hottest show

The world of fashion and film have been paying homage to this innocent time for the past few years and show no signs of stopping. TV shows like Mad Men have created crazed fan-bases, burlesque has come back into the spotlight world-wide with legends like Jo Boobs, Dirty Martini, Dita Von Teese and Gentry De Paris shimmyin' and shakin' on the world stage.

The runways are covered with vintage-inspired garments that will make every man feel like Don Draper and bring that coquettish vixen out in the ladies. In ladies wear, Dior was one of many designers who drew inspiration from the era and pin-up bombshells. Key peices to snatch up are pin-up dresses (maxi or mini), rompers/play suits, and high-waisted wide-leg trousers. Menswear musts are the iconic perfect suit, cardigans, and Oxford shoes.

And eyewear? Well, there are plenty of vintage-lookin' frames in every designer's collections which are sure to suit your fancy.

We heart Buddy Holly and Marilyn Monroe's frame styles

Whether your're going for a Buddy Holly look with oversized black frames or want to steal Marilyn Monroe's style from How To Marry a Millionaire, Gafas has you covered. We have a wide range of both optical and sunglass frames to choose from.

For the ladies, we are loving the cat-eyed styles which have flooded the store in a myriad of finishes...

Add a pop of red (matching lipstick optional) like Barton Perreira's "Kelley" frames.

La Font Reeditions are re-released styles from their original collections. Get a little wild with some cheetah print, perhaps with the " Constance" frame.

Hot LA label Dita is on the vintage action with "Svelte".

Go for a spin on the traditional tortoise-shell with Salt's "Annabel".

Or do it up in the sun with retro-lovely shades.....

Creamy goodness with yet another great frame from Barton Perreira's collection, the "Nicole".

Pastels rule and are WAY more interesting than a neutral. Grab up Barton Perreira's "Spellbound".

Buddy Holly made the over-sized frame his iconic look and men everywhere are bringing back the nerdy-sexy with horn-rims and thick frames...

The Dita "Statesmen" goes quickly, so run over and get it now before it's too late.\

Initium's "In Dreams" features glossy, wood-look temples

"Sexy nerdy, please be here to stay. I rather fancy you" says Anna at Gafas. Loving these Mykita "Hermann" frames.

Instead of rimless, go clear! An instant update and a huge trend in eyewear. Spectacle Eyework's "Anisa" is a great choice.

When you need to protect those pretty peepers from the UV rays, go for a classic aviator a la James Dean...

You can't go wrong with this classic. Salt's "Lester".

Make everyone green with envy over these "Brasco" frames from Barton Perreira

Whether or not you commit to a full 1950s look, injecting a shot of this retro trend will liven up your style with a fun twist. And don't forget, mixing eras is where it's at!

Rest In Peace

Liz Taylor telling the Papparazzi just what she thinks of them...all while looking great in her cat-eyed shades. We love her take-no-bull attitude!

In remembrance of a very great lady who entered the spotlight in the 50s, we salute Elizabeth Taylor. A beautiful, witty, powerful, strong woman who passed on yesterday, March 23. We send our condolences to her family, friends, and those whose lives have been touched by her.

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