Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lens 101: The Sunglass Edition

Did you know?

Not all contact lens brands offer UV protection which means that your eyes are being exposed to harmful rays which can cause serious medical and vision problems.

And just because we commonly associate sunshine with the warmer season, you are at risk all year round. UV rays can cause cataracts, pteryguim (tissue growth on the whites of the eyes that can block vision), melanoma (yes, eye tissue can get skin cancer), macular degeneration (the muscles at the centre of the retina).

So how can you protect yourself? Make sure that your eyes are protected with sunglasses. For those with prescriptions, there are many options that will work for your needs.

Maui Jim "Punchbowl"

Many of our selection of glasses are suitable for those with optical prescriptions. Depending on how severe your prescription is, there are many styles that we would be glad to recommend for you. Frames that do not work well with prescription lenses are those that have serious curve in the shape of the glasses (like many sports styles), and some super-oversized frames.

If you want to eliminate glare, polarized lenses are the way to go. Polarized lenses can be obtained in your prescription for any style of sunglasses that will work with your prescription.

Benjamin "Kayne"
Transition lenses have come a long way from the days when it meant a film covering the lens. With the advancements in optical technology, transition engineered lenses are now a superb option for the optically challenged. They quickly adapt to the lighting conditions when activated by UV rays, so if it's a cloudy day (and those UV rays are still lurking about on rainy days too folks) the lenses won't go as dark. The only down-side to this option is that when you are driving a vehicle, the lenses won't change as most windshields have UV protection blocking the rays from activating your glasses.

So gear up for summer and come in and nab some wicked shades here at Gafas!

Initium "Hardways"

Initium "In Dreams"

Salt "Warner"

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