Monday, March 14, 2011

Brand Power: Gold & Wood

The luxury eyewear company Gold & Wood was started by Maurice Leonard in 1995, and the product created at that time was exclusively all-wood or wood and silk. Based and manufactured in Luxembourg, Germany, the company has come a long way from it's early days when the workshop had only ten artists. In 1996, the company began making metal fronts using wood for the temples. In 2000 they began using genuine Buffalo Horn in a variety of combinations, and in 2006 the brand came to North America. 

Anthony Kiedis in model H16

Designed with comfort, luxury, elegance and purity in mind, this label is the Bentley of the eyewear world. 

Each frame is entirely hand-crafted with traditional artistry in the company's workshop, and inspected in each stage of production to ensure that each piece is of the finest quality. The temples are made using materials such as Fine-wood or authentic Buffalo Horn, and the metal parts are made from high-quality alloys.


In addition to creating the finest quality of eyewear, Gold & Wood is an environmentally sustainable company. 

The horn is taken from either animals in Africa or Vietnam that are bound for the butcher's shop, or from domesticated animals in India. The cows in India are a sacred animal, so no mutilation or cruelty are employed in the taking of their horns and a certificate of the animal's health must be provided to the company. 

The raw wood is taken from a controlled provenance where systematic reforestation is in effect and monitored by the authorities. The supplier's facilities are equipped with used-water filtration and purification systems, and the dyes used for staining are environmentally-friendly.


The company has been certified by Luxembourg's Ministry for the Environment which is represented by the Environment Directorate and the Chamber of Professionals. 

Here's a teaser of what's in store....










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