Friday, March 25, 2011

Brand Power: La Font Paris

Spring is here and the warm weather will be soon too! And what better style to sport this season than the 1950s inspired shades which are perfect for going from a picnic, to the office, to a cocktail party. We are loving how fun the frames from La Font are for women of all ages and lifestyles. Frames range from conservative to outrageous shapes, over-the-top colors and prints to more subdued selections.

The leopard print featured on many of La Font's frames is actually a design that is copyrighted by the company, which means no other eye wear manufacturer will have a pattern as fierce as this!

The brand was originally established in 1923 by Louis Lafont and has evolved throughout the years. The company always ensures that designs are fresh and unique, while still echoing the classic styles of days gone past.

The re-edition collection from La Font features re-releases of the company's most classic designs...with a modern spin of course.

Go round with the "Theoreme" or channel the 50s with these "Desiree" frames

For a more masculine and modern take on vintage, go for Buddy Holly inspired frames:
Go classic with the "Ciceron" or do a modern clear front with "Tibere"

The Issy & La Collection is geared to younger wearers who want something fun that sets them apart.

The "Demy" features titanium sides with a '60s mod pattern

A classic late 50s/early 60s style with "Fizz" or try a bold statement color with "Enzo"

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