Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring/Summer 2011 Trendwatch: Punk Rocker

Toronto designer Cult De Laissez Faire (available at Carte Blanche)

For those with a penchant for tough as nails stylin's, perfect tailoring, and drapey layers, the punk rocker trend is the bomb! There are a multitude of designers who are featuring this long-running trend in their collections this season: Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Rad Hourani (also from Montreal), Pink Cobra and Cult De Laissez Faire (Toronto based brands available at Carte Blanche), Balmain, Burberry Prorsum, and Rick Owens.

Burberry Prorsum, Rick Owens, Burberry Prorsum, Balmain

We fancy the peg leg trousers (a la Alexander Wang), chunky platform wedges and slouchy leather boots (lusting for Jeffery Campbells), tattered knits (Horace), statement jewellry layered (more is always better), and black leather envelop clutches (check out local designer Jenny Bird) topped off with a leather jacket. Pieces are suitable for both men and women giving androgny yet another moment in the spotlight!

Cult De Laissez Faire, Pink Cobra, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Rad Hourani

Sunglasses are vital to finishing off this look (and hiding those eyes after a big night out). Statement frames and oversized shades are our recommendations to complete any outfit.

Blinde "Bang On"

Blinde "Born Lucky"

Chrome Hearts "Bone Polisher"

Chrome Hearts "Pussy Willow"

Dita "Insider"

Gold & Wood H07/S

Initium "Escape"

Mykita & Romain Kremer "Gordon"

Mykita and Romain Kremer "Yuri"

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