Saturday, April 16, 2011

Trendwatch: Color Punch!

This season color blocking is one of the biggest trends that fashionistas and trendy cats will want to add to their repertoire. Everywhere you turn, neon and jewel-toned colors are deliciously assaulting our senses with their feel-good shot of joy that will perk up your wardrobe and your day. Whether you choose to go all out with color blocking from head to toe, or are experimenting with perking up your neutrals with a pop of it, this is a hot statement that is just perfect for the spring and summer.

Make pretty with purple; Entourage of 7, "Melrose" (L)
Be in the pink with Mykita's "Luna" (R)

Bright white is just right; Dita "Grandmaster Three"

Let the sunshine into your life with rose-colored glasses and sunny yellow brights
On 'quin's head, Mykita "Hector Flash"; Blinde "Forget About Me" (L)
On 'quin's head, Mykita "Rolf Flash"; Benjamin "Harmony" (R)

Sunglasses in cheery brights are a great way to further accentuate (or playfully test the waters) of this season's hottest look.

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