Thursday, April 14, 2011

Client Profile: Charlie

Charlie is quite possibly the cutest client that has walked into Gafas in a while. He is sweet, eager, and VERY friendly. Although he looks like a bit of a tough guy, he is a total sweetie and these Carrera sunglasses are a perfect fit for his lovable mug. Technically these shades are actually his human mommy Laura's (and she looks great in them too!), but who can resist a pooch in glasses.

Here is our "Awwwwww..." moment of the day, from us to you, our beloved clients and friends!

And remember folks, Gafas is a pet friendly so whether you want to bring you cat, dog or iguana in while you shop, we are totally cool with it. Just please excuse us if we gush over your munchkin too much!

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