Saturday, April 2, 2011

Initium: Admirals Club

As anyone who keeps an eye on the blog may have noticed, we've been going on about the Initium "Admirals Club" shades for quite awhile now. Anna was lusting hardcore for the white and black pinstriped ones and everyday they'd call her from their little place on the shelf. Yesterday seemed the perfect day to end the torture. Yay for Anna!

"I love Initium's collection. The shapes are perfect for me - both for my structure and I love that very few of the peices are overtly femme. I tend to go more for masculine shapes so the "Admirals Club" was perfect...masculine but still not so thick a frame that it overwhelmes my face. The fit is very comfortable and they feel very light on my face which is great as I tend to like forgetting I'm wearing anything. And they just look super cool. Everything I own seems to look better with these babies on my face."

If you come by the store in the next few days, don't be surprised to see Anna jiving inside the shop with them on. She just can't help it. They're too cool!

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