Thursday, February 3, 2011

The ‘snooks’ are in the house!

Despite all the overindulgence and crazy antics of the Jersey Shore I can’t help myself - it’s like gazing into a fire, you just can’t stop! So as soon as I saw the new collection of Christian Dior sunglasses I immediately wanted to call Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki. The 2011 collection is a combination of oversized acetate frames and embellished aviators; a meatballs dream! Specifically this pair…

These shades were destined to rest on the beautifully bronzed face of Snooki and if she’s out there reading this, here is my proposal…

Dear Nicole,

Let’s party. I’d like to think that you and I would get along famously – I’ve got a strong fist pump and a talent for finding the perfect gorilla, juice-head! If that isn’t enticing enough, I’ll bribe you with a sweet pair of shades!

Jessica Rowen aka JRow

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