Friday, February 4, 2011

Celebrity Style: Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian rocks Dita's Marseilles sunglasses and guess what? Gafas has them, in three different colours!

And when Kim has a few minutes to spare, she's patenting kisses! Yes, you heard me correctly... PATENTING KISSES! And you can too!

Harlequin recently launched a new campaign called The Kiss - "At Harlequin, we've decided we must apply for a patent for the kiss to ensure it's around for future generations to enjoy. We're officially preserving The Essential Romantic Kiss for all persons, everywhere, to promote the art of kissing, and help romance flourish."

The online tool allows you to create your perfect kiss and enter it into a contest to win a trip to Las Vegas! Check out Kim's kiss and all the others here;

I realize this has nothing to do with eyewear, but I had to share; the tool is so much fun! My personal favourite is the West Queen West Kiss.

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