Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The science of artistic vision

Well here we go again. Another first for Toronto brought to you by Gafas. Now when we talk about fun and funky Colab is it. Designs brought to you by world wide designers and artists. Each style is limited to 1000 pieces and actually numbered. Now that is insane for a collection that retails no higher than $280.00. My favorite style is the EX-VANDALS...

"There is nothing as boring as fashion that is mass-produced, hashed, rehashed and just trash. We roll out a blank canvas and let our guest professors drop art with the Colab science of production".

"This is something unique. Born in the mind of the artist and brought to life in the Colaboratory. The Colab range of eyewear brings a selection of individual designers and artists together. Each artist creates a range whereby their design aesthetic is transposed into a collective, accessible to their followers".

"Seasonally, Colab will invite new individuals and groups to create a range that mirrors their own personal artistic mentality into eyewear".

Colab launch party coming soon....watch out....

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