Wednesday, June 24, 2009

REDBALL hits Queen st

Wow we got the famous REDBALL a few stores away from us. Was a very cool to see. Glad they have chosen Queen st as a canvas to display this piece of art.

Having made headlines in cities from Barcelona to Chicago, something big and red comes bouncing into Toronto on its global trek. Experience your city through the imagination and vitality of RedBall.
Easing into entrance ways, basking beneath bridges or wedged into alleyways, RedBall searches for new opportunities as the city itself becomes a canvas of possibilities.
Perschke's project investigates Toronto's specific urban landscape and history. With vision, curiosity and wit, RedBall reveals places we never noticed before and re-imagines familiar landmarks. RedBall represents an immediate creative impulse embedded in all of us - the simple act of seeing afresh.
So go seek it out as it touches down in a different Toronto location every day and follow its migration across the city on the artist's blog at:

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