Monday, December 13, 2010

Gaga, ooh la la

What can i say, this piece of art work just makes me wanna sing Gaga songs all day long. It’s a brand new limited edition Mykita model “Yuri”. With its distinctive look and jaw dropping abilities, this is definitely the next faze of fashion. Mykita and Romain kremer teamed up to create the Yuri model. And just to blur the boundaries even further between real life and futuristic technology, the MYKITA & Romain Kremer AW 2010 collection is titled: ‘The Plastic Eating the Natural’. Undoubtedly, this is more of a headpiece then it is sunglass, don’t expect any UVA/UVB protection in the least. Available in two colors, red and black, the MYKITA Romain Kremer YURI glasses will have limited availability. The idea behind these shades is to provide protection for our third eye (the brain). Follow your third eye intuition and purchase this weird, one of a kind head piece.

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