Thursday, November 25, 2010


Sooo…. Black Fridays, you either hate it or love it but you can’t argue with the amazing deals you can get on so many products. Although it’s in the US, we Canadians can’t help but to want to get in on the action. So perhaps you take a day off to get a head start, you drive for 3 hours and sit in traffic only to wait a little longer in the never-ending lines. Canada’s economy seems to be spurring the need for deeper discounts and we also want to support our local, Canadian economy, needless to say, do some research and stay put. You can do all your shopping and running around at the convenience of staying in Canada, eh? Many stores such as Future Shop, Sears, Banana Republic etc, etc…and of course us - Gafas have lots of great deals. So you can still do your shopping and enjoy and full out weekend without being jammed in traffic and stressed out. Deal or deal????

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