Tuesday, October 19, 2010


End of the year is fast approaching and as the list of 'things to do' grows bigger and bigger, it’s important to make sure we don't neglect ourselves in the process. With everything at a fast pace we often forget that company benefits even exist, in most cases such benefits expire biannually if not used. Learn about your benefits today and see how they can help keep your eyes healthy and stay in style (maybe it's time for a new look...?) Whether it’s ophthalmic frames or the hot new sun shades that you've kept your eye on, this is a perfect chance to reward yourself and take what’s yours. Here, at Gafas, we offer personal approach and great expertise in product. Our team will help you to find the desired look without 'robbing the bank'. With our perfect union well help you save money and look great, all at the same time!

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