Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Roach Killa & Imran Khan at Gafas

Roach Killa & Imran Khan

Homegrown performing artist Roach Killa stopped by Gafas yesterday to pick up some shades for his upcoming performance for the Olympics opening. He brought by his good friend, British R&B sensation Imran Khan to do a bit of sunglass shopping of his own. Both are amazing artists, currently on the top tiers of the European top 40 charts! Imran is here on a performing gig as he tours North America.

Imran is a big fan of Carrera so he picked up a pair of the Carrera Safari's in black - pretty sharp for that everday piece. Roach on the other hand picked up a pair of the OG Cazal 881's, a totally sick pair of shades - 0ne of many in his collection. He's already got his eyes set on the Chrome Hearts Box Lunch sunglass, and obviously Gafas is the biggest Chrome Hearts dealer in all of Canada.

You can see how stylin he was in his video Yaara Dildara (featuring the Cazal 881). Check out Imrans video Amplifier and his Bio on his website.

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