Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Benjamin - New to Gafas

After having a coffee in New York with Benjamin we understood his vision for well-crafted eyewear. We stand behind great design and craftsmanship. We loved it so much we picked it up, It is of of our newest collections. Japanese manufacturing and great ol school styles. If you want something no one has come check out Benjamin it's sick.

Building a reputation as a fine eyewear specialist for more than a decade, Benjamin Montoya has been a purveyer, creating, collecting a defining eyewear design in LA. As a Southern California native, growing up in the midst of a sunglass culture, Benjamin knows ' A most dynamic thing happens when a person puts on well-crafted pair of sunglasses, they can project a vision of who they want to be instantly.
Benjamin designs eyewear to be simple and timeless, classic looks that will be in style today, tomorrow and generations from now. As a connoisseur of fine eyewear, Benjamin finds inspiration from living where he lives, from great music and films he loves.

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